Monday, January 1, 2024

France Week

      This week we learned about France in our Around the World Homeschool Units.


We have many wonderful spines we read for each country, but here are some of the picture books we read:
Through the Window (not pictured because the hold took a long time and we read it with Russia)
The Palace of Versailles lift-the-flap page from See Inside Famous Palaces
Paris lift-the-flap page from See Inside Great Cities


He colored a map of France


We had Short Rib Bourguignon with mashed turnips. Everyone really liked it.

Read Aloud:

We read Recipe for Adventure #2: Paris. It talked a lot about French food and even a few landmarks in Paris. Archer liked it enough to want to read the first one for Italy, when we get there.


Art this week was only very loosely tied to France. We did stained glass pasta and attempted to link it to the stained glass in cathedrals. Mostly, I just wanted him to experience dying the pasta and working i a different medium. He insisted on grouping it by color instead of mixing his collage.


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