Sensory Play

Sensory Play
Sensory play is a type of play based learning that involves actively engaging the senses.  It develops cognitive, linguistic, physical, and social emotional skills.  Plus it is just plain fun.  PBS has an article about it you can read here.

Since I try to incorporate sensory play into our school time, I have a bunch of posts about it scattered throughout the blog.  It was definitely time that I gather them in one place!  Here are some of the sensory play activities we have done, and some ideas for others!

Sensory Bins
Sensory Bins are an easy way to bring sensory play into school time in a somewhat contained way.  Here are some ideas for bases, plus some of the bins we have done!

Base Ideas:
Water Beads
Alphabet Noodles
Colored Pasta
Colored Rice
Split Peas
Black Beans
Fish Tank Rocks
Easter Grass
Edible Moon Sand

Our Bins
Letter Bins (Note: only Z is linked, but we did one for every letter)

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