Monday, June 2, 2014

Frozen Theme Week

I can't believe it has been a month since I made the Frozen Learning Pack and we only just got to it now!  Partially, I blame Scholastic.  I had ordered another Frozen book to go with the theme, but the lost the order and it still hasn't arrived.  Anyway, we went ahead and did it this week and Xander LOVED it.
Putting together character names and images with 3 Part Cards
 Putting sentences in order 
We made a summer reading 100s chart where Xander can keep track of how many books he reads.  You can read more about it and print your own chart on this post.
We picked up Anna's Act of Love and Elsa's Icy Magic at a book fair.  I don't know how many times we've read it it now, but a ton.  He thinks it's fun to have both books in one.  He'll sometimes read one to me and I'll read him the other.
I also downloaded the Disney Frozen Read Along iBook onto my dad's iPad when it was free.  Xander read/listened to that many times this week.
Practicing counting by twos and by tens with some puzzles.
Rolling the die and then putting stickers on his chart to make a graph.  He had fun doing it, plus he got math and fine motor practice int he process!
Chasing down the die is half the fun! 
Answering questions using his graph.  He's getting much better at terms like "most" and "least."
Using the die to practice making tally marks.
More tally marks on a worksheet.  He's getting so much better!  He almost always crosses the 5th one now and he is so proud to see his work!
Identifying coins.  This is the first time we had a worksheet like this, took him a couple tries.  I got out some real coins to play with for extra practice.
Quantity identification
Covering up the characters on the number line with number tiles.
Sensory Play
I made a sensory bin to go with the theme.  The base was fake snow.  I bought mine with a coupon at Hobby Lobby and I only used about a fourth of the container to fill the bin, so it wasn't too expensive.  It was so much fun though!  It expands incredibly quickly when you add the water, it looks like magic.  It doesn't leave your hands wet, but it does stick to them a little.  I would have loved these Frozen character figurines, but they weren't in the budget.  Instead, I printed the 3 part cards from the Frozen Learning Pack onto card stock and cut them out.  I laminated each character twice and they held up just fine.  I also included some reusable ice cubes, vase fill beads and some acrylic gems.
 Using a magnifying glass to investigate his snow pile.
Showing me how to brush the snow off his hands...
It has been a while since he has done a maze, so I had him do it with his finger before he used a marker.  He did great though!  Next time, I need to make a tougher maze!
I made this Who Am I worksheet for something different.  Xander got to practice cutting, reading, and problem solving in one activity.  He enjoyed it, so I'll have to come up with more activities like this.
Doing a puzzle (not Frozen related)
We did some tracing pages just for some extra fine motor practice.  He really liked the idea of getting the character to something they wanted.
We read the States of Matter book I made him, more than a few times.
I put some water and food coloring in our star ice cube tray to make some frozen stars.  We talked about how putting the water in the freezer turned it to ice.  Then I let him play with the stars outside.  They started melting and I asked him why.  He wasn't sure, so I had him thing about the what it is like in the freezer and what it is like outside.  It didn't take him long to figure out that they melted because they got warmer.  We also talked about how melting means it changes states (goes from solid to liquid).  We used this as a transition into our T for Temperature activities.
Spraying the ice stars with his squirter.
Arts and Crafts
We decided to make an Olaf out of playdough.  First we needed some twigs. 
Making his body (we used two containers of white Playdoh) 
Adding a pipe cleaner nose and pom pom buttons.  Twigs for the arms, hair, and eyebrows.  A piece of note card for the tooth.
I think he turned out kinda cute (even if his eyes are a little too close together.  It was very hard for the perfectionist in me not to move them after Xander put them there)! 
Just like the real Olaf, ours kind of fell apart when Xander was posing with him. 
That's ok, we fixed him! 
Then Xander smooshed him and said it was melted Olaf!  As he was "melting" Xander said "Oh!  What a world!  What a world!"  He cracks me up!
While we were talking about states of matter, we did some ice painting.
 This Week's Work

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