Thursday, June 19, 2014

Recycled Patriotic Candle Jars

We have been trying to do some sort of fun seasonal craft to decorate the mantle.  Xander enjoys it and I get to have mementos to use to decorate when we move into our own place.  For Independence Day we made some pretty candle holders out of recycled jars.  It was perfect because it was fun, cheap and easy!

Clean glass jars
Liquid glue
Tissue Paper
Glitter (optional)

First I cut the tissue paper into squares.  They most definitely do not have to be perfect.  Luckily, I only had to cut blue and white since I had red left over from our window leaf craft.  Then I watered down some glue and added some fine glitter. 
I let Xander paint the glue onto the jars with a foam brush and add the squares.  Since the glue had a tendency to run down the sides, we worked in small areas.  We didn't cover the bottoms, just because I was worried about heat with the paper.  Then we let them dry.
The finished products 
Since we weren't super neat with the glue (as in Xander painted glue all over the bottom of the jar), I put them on little candle plates so no glue would get on the wood.
I added them to the mantle with a wooden frame I painted.

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  1. Simple and fun - a great memory maker. Thank you for sharing.


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