Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Spring Theme: Plants and Garden

A few weeks ago I posted on how we were doing so many spring themed activities that I divided them up. You can check out the post on Bugs,  Bees and Butterflies Activities Here. This post will focus on Plant and Garden activities.
We have been working on counting money, so I put coins into tiny flower pots from the craft store and added some cheap flowers. You can print the recording sheet here.
I used the same little flower pots and some letter flower beads to do a sight word scramble.
We did some raindrop word family sorting.
I made a garden playdough kit for him. I made some cocoa powder play dough (recipe from The Imagination Tree) which made the whole playroom smell very yummy. I included little pots, flower buttons and cookie cutters, fruit buttons, the flower toob and the food toob and some general tools.
Archer planted some veggies with Daddy at a relative's property.
Making some patterns with  flower beads. You can print the template here.
Flower hole punching activity from Early Learning Ideas
Garden Vocabulary Cards. While he has been able to read these words for years, I hadn't had him match them in a long time, so he enjoyed it.
Flower vocabulary cards. I showed him a Little Reader lesson I made to go with it a few times first. Then I gave him the cards and the flowers to match. It was tougher than most of these activities for him, partially because several flowers look similar.
Some plant and garden books. How do Flowers Grow? is his favorite of this group.
I got out this Spanish Mini-Book for him to read and color.
Parts of a Plant Worksheet from Amanda's Little Learners

We also watched several YouTube Videos on Plants

Check out some other Spring and Garden resources:


Friday, June 3, 2022

Flower Math Printables

I decided I needed some themed versions of some of our common math activities to go with the plant and garden things we have been doing. Because I used the Vegetable Garden Addition and Subtraction Printables to cover those skills, I only made two activities with flowers.

First, I made this patterning sheet for to use with flower beads. The top has different types of patterns for him to make and then he uses the beads to make the patterns on the pots.
Fine motor
Digging flower beads out of therapy putty to make a graph and answer question. I changed up the recording sheet just a bit this time. I also still have a sheet for answering questions.

Check out some other Spring and Garden resources:
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