Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Vegetable Garden Addition and Subtraction

Archer is really good at math conceptually, but needs to practice with memorizing his basic addition and subtraction facts before I let him move on to more advanced concepts. Since just flashcards are boring, I made him the vegetable garden activity.
I made little garden signs with numbers and then a bunch of vegetables with math problems that equal those numbers. To make it more interesting, and to add in a bit of fine motor work, I laminated the vegetables and used a hole punch so we could connect them with learning links.
Hands on math
Because there are fewer equations that equal the lower numbers and because they are easier, I started with 6 and went to 12. 
We started off with him doing it all independently. Eventually, he got worn out and asked if I would link them together for him. Once he could just answer each equation, he plowed through them pretty fast!

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