Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Spring Literacy Printable Activities

 If you've been following the blog recently, you'll notice that  I've been making both math and literacy activities around different themes. Both Archer and I find it more fun that "regular" school activities. Since he is not quite 4, school is still something we only do semiregularly and in a light hearted manner. Here are some of the Spring Literacy Activities I made for him this month.

Spring elementary literacy
I started off with this syllable counting worksheet. He likes to do them with bingo chips and a wand.
Weather elementary literacy
Word family umbrellas and raindrops. Initially, he sorted the raindrops under each umbrella, but then decided they should go on top.
Elementary literacy
Flower pot sight word scramble. For this activity I made a sheet that had various sight words and then put all the letters for each word into a mini flower pot. I used flower letter beads, but you could easily use other types of letters. The idea is he goes through each pot and unscrambles the words.

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