Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Christmas Number Bonds

  Archer enjoyed the fall number bond games I made for him, so I decided to make some Christmas themed ones too. The idea is you roll two dice, right the number from each one on the ends and put their sum in the center. 

Elementary Math

Elementary Math

To add a little more variety and challenge, I have been letting him play with some gaming dice.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

5 Tips to Embrace Motherhood

Motherhood is not only one of the best experiences but also one of the most challenging experiences that a person could face. You have to put a small human first above all else. On top of that, you lose your identity to a degree, but you’re gaining a new one while raising this kid. 

Motherhood could even go beyond that as you’re sacrificing your body and risking injuries, something you can learn about here In general, motherhood is about giving and making sacrifices, not taking. While it might not sound grand, it’s gratifying! So, here are some tips for embracing motherhood!

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Laughter helps

Laughter can help ease the stress of having a baby. In fact, researchers have found that laughter has many health benefits, including reducing stress and the risk of depression. It can also help improve your memory and reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer's. For this reason, it's not surprising that a good laugh can be a welcome addition to your daily routine. Motherhood isn’t all about messes and stress; it’s also about having fun. Some of the biggest laughs you’ll have will be with your children when they’re acting silly.

Communication is key

Don’t just communicate with your family, but communicate with yourself. You shouldn’t constantly put others ahead of you; sometimes, you must go first. Communicate this, and don’t shove these feelings in the back.

Do what brings out the best in you

Embracing motherhood can be a stressful and sometimes lonely experience. The best way to combat this is to make sure you are doing the right things. Getting a good night's sleep, making time to exercise, and taking your dog for a walk are all important steps in ensuring that you have a balanced and healthy life. In addition, it is also a good idea to surround yourself with people who can help you with your childcare needs. Whether it be a babysitter or a grandparent, you can make your kid's life easier by hiring someone to take over your kid's responsibilities for a couple of hours a week.

Observe positive moments daily

Observing positive moments every day is a great way to find happiness in motherhood. You can look into blogs, parenting groups, maternity books, and websites. Even just chit-chatting with other moms will help you open your eyes to some of the more positive things that are offered. Positivity can come in a variety of ways each day, and it doesn’t matter how. Maybe you woke up naturally from hearing birds chirp, your kids got themselves dressed for the day, or maybe everyone cleared their plate during dinner. It doesn’t matter the size or scale; embrace the positives when it hits you.


In order to embrace the role of motherhood, sometimes, all you need to do is just sit back and just reflect on your experience and your emotions. This could include something small such as looking at photo books. In general, just do some self-reflection, as this can be a great way to help you embrace motherhood. 

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Monday, December 5, 2022

4 Simple Steps to Teach New Life Skills and Interests

 There's no question that life is a learning experience. We all have to learn how to do things, and sometimes we need to learn new skills in order to keep up with the ever-changing world around us. Trying to teach our children new life skills and interests can be tough, but it's definitely worth it! In this blog post, we will discuss four simple steps to help make the process easier for you and your child.

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Start with motivation.

Before you even begin teaching your child a new skill, getting them excited about it is crucial. Ask them what interests them and why they would want to learn the new skill. Make sure that their answers involve something more than just “because mom/dad said so.” Getting your kid motivated from the beginning will help ensure that they are more likely to stay engaged throughout the learning process.

You should also keep in mind that children learn differently than adults. While an adult may be able to understand a concept more quickly, a child will usually need more time and repetition to really understand something. This is why it's so important to make sure the process is enjoyable and interactive for your child.

Break down complex concepts into smaller, simpler chunks.

Once you've established motivation, the next step is to break down complex concepts into smaller chunks. This will make it easier for your child to understand and remember the information. For example, if you are trying to teach your child how to read an analog clock, break it down into smaller steps instead of teaching them all of the numbers at once. First, explain what an hour and a minute is, then move on to how to tell the time in five-minute increments. From there, you can gradually introduce more complex concepts such as quarter hours and half hours.

Use visuals and other tools for better understanding.

Using visuals such as diagrams or pictures can really help when it comes to teaching new skills or interests. Visuals will make difficult concepts easier to comprehend while also assisting children in retaining information better. You could also try using hands-on activities like arts and crafts projects or simulations like role-playing. These activities can be incredibly beneficial when teaching a new skill or interest.

You can also include some tools to help you out. For example incorporating the concept of a loop pedal into this teaching framework adds a dynamic element, particularly for music education. A loop pedal is an electronic device that records segments of music played live and then plays them back in a continuous loop. This allows for the creation of complex, layered musical pieces by a single musician. When teaching music or related subjects, using a loop pedal can be an engaging way to demonstrate the principles of rhythm, harmony, and musical composition.

Practice, practice, and more practice!

The last step is ensuring your child gets plenty of practice with the new skill or interest they are trying to learn, a great way to get started is by using ABCmouse. This will help them become more confident in their abilities and also help them remember what they have learned. Giving your child positive feedback throughout the process is essential, so they feel encouraged to continue learning and developing their skills.

Ultimately, teaching new life skills and interests can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both you and your child. By following these four simple steps, you can ensure that your child has a positive learning experience and can retain information better. In addition, with enough dedication, you can help your child develop new skills and interests that will benefit them throughout their life.

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