Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Mitten Pattern Matching Game

Printable Mitten Pattern Matching Game for Visual Discrimination

It's no secret that I have a slight obsession with educational toys and board games. However, I feel like I'm often struggling when it comes to toys/games for my toddler.  They all seem to focus on color or shape matching.  How many toys and games do we need that focus on the same skills? With that in mind, I started looking for other skills. 

Pattern matching seemed like a fun, but so many toys and games use colors to distinguish the patterns also.  That means a kid can just match the color, regardless of the pattern or texture. Therefore, I made my own pattern matching game all in the same color. I went with mittens since we're doing a "winter" theme, but I will probably do some others as well.

Since Archer is still young, we just worked on matching.  For older kids you could turn them over and play "memory". After playing with him, I decided I should have made a "right" and a "left" mitten, so I changed the file for anyone else who might want to use it.

So far, it has been a hit.

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