Mommy and Me ABCs

Mommy and Me ABC is what I came up with to teach my son his letters.  I wanted to emphasize both uppercase and lowercase, so used "mommy" and "baby" animals to go with each letter.  I plan to spend about two weeks on each unit and have a wide enough variety of activities to keep my son interested and challenged through the whole alphabet.  Having a wide variety of activities will hopefully also allow my blog followers to find something that works for their toddler.  I will link the packets as we complete them.   I worked very hard on this so if you plan to share any of these printables, please link back to my blog and not the printables directly.  Thanks!

Letter A (Alligator) Post 1
Letter A (Alligator) Post 2
Alligator Printables
Alligator Printables 2
Alligator Minibook
Alligator Pinterest Board

Letter D (Dolphin) Post 1
Letter D (Dolphin) Post 2
Dolphin Printables
Dolphin Printables 2
Dolphin Coffee Filter Craft
Dolphin Pinterest Board

Elephant Printables
Elephant Printables 2
Elephant Pinterest Board

Giraffe Pinterest Board

 Hippo Blog Post 1
Hippo Blog Post 2
Hippo Pinterest Board

 Iguana Blog Post
Iguana Pinterest Board

 Jaguar Blog Post
Jaguar Pinterest Board

Kangaroo Blog Post
Kangaroo Printables
Kangaroo Printables 2
Kangaroo Pinterest Board

Lion Blog Post
Lion Printables
Lion Printables 2
Lion Pinterest Board

 Monkey Blog Post
Monkey Printables
Monkey Printables 2
Monkey Pinterest Board

  Nightingale Blog Post
Nightingale Printables
Nightingal Printables 2
Nightingale Pinterest Board

  Ostrich Blog Post
Ostrich Printables
Ostrich Printables 2
Ostrich Pinterest Board
Penguin Blog Post
Penguin Blog Post 2
Penguin Printables
Penguin Printables 2
Penguin Pinterest Board

 Quail Blog Post
Quail Printables
Quail Printables 2
Bird Pinterest Board

 Urchin Blog Post
  Walrus Blog Post
Walrus Printables
Walrus Printables 2
Walrus Pinterest Board
 X-Ray Fish Blog Post
X-Ray Fish Printables
X-Ray Fish Printables 2
X-Ray Fish Pinterest Board
Yak Printables
Yak Printables 2
Yak Pinterest Board

Zebra Blog Post
Zebra Printables
Zebra Printables 2
Zebra Pinterest Board

Alphabet Pinterest Board
Letter Mazes
Number Matching Tiles
Sight Word Zoo

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