Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tummy Time

My child does NOT like tummy time.  I've tried lying on the floor with him, putting toys around him, playing music, etc, and none of it works!  Lately I've started putting his flash cards around him.  He'll study them for a while, until he's looked at them all, at which point he resumes screaming (he LOVES flash cards if I go through them for him).  A couple days ago he was content to watch my dad vacuum, because apparently that is fascinating.  Yesterday, I went so far as to set up my lap top with Sid the Science Kid music videos about simple machines.  It worked for a while, until the internet started acting up.  I swear that child will do anything to watch television.  He even watches Cramer's Mad Money with my dad while I have class.

Watching Sid the Science Kid videos

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last night Xander giggled!  Granted, only twice, and for a very very short period of time, but still!  I can't wait to hear him giggling and laughing all the time!

Speaking of happy babies, this morning I got out the YBCR flashcards to go through just for fun.  Xander thought it was a great game!  He squealed and smiled and was very excited.  He particularly likes the words "arms up," probably because sometimes when we're snuggling and playing I put his arms up saying "arms up," put his arms down saying "arms down," put his arms out saying"arms out," and cross his arms and saying "arms crossed."  Since he thinks that game is such fun, I wonder if he made the connection and that's why he likes reading those words.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Early Education

You know that saying that goes along the lines of "the more you learn, the more you learn how much you don't know."  That has been very true for me this year.  I've been reading more and more about early education, and keep coming across new theories, methods, and techniques.  It is a whole world of knowledge and parenting that I had no idea existed, and now I'm struggling to learn it all as fast as possible! 

I now have almost all of the Glen Doman books and have been fascinated by the Right Brain techniques involved.  I really wanted to do EVERYTHING he suggests, but realize that it just isn't possible for me by myself.  That's what I was thrilled to come across BrillBaby.  They had tons of forums about teaching infants, with parents that had done it.  They also sell Little Reader and Little Math, two programs heavily influenced by Doman, that I can use to teach Xander reading and math with less prep required.  I'd already spent HOURS putting together flashcards and teaching materials and was starting to feel overwhelmed.  I downloaded the free trials and am hooked.  Xander has loved them so far, struggling to watch more when we're done and turn away. I also love that I can add my own lessons to them, including words, sounds, pictures, etc I think he should learn.  I put a link in the sidebar for anyone interested (if you register for the forums I'd love it if you used my link or affiliate code "BKAFF58564").  While I plan on using LM, I also think I will use the Doman dot cards I made to teach him quantities, but not equations. 

I know it will probably change constantly as I learn more, but I've developed the curriculum I want to use until I start school full time.  My weekly goal is to do two Little Reader (LR) lessons, two Little Math (LM) sessions, six Doman doth flashcard sessions, read two story books, and watch a Your Baby Can Read (YBCR) DVD every day, five to seven days a week.  However, this is my goal.  I know full well that there will be days or weeks when not everything gets accomplished.  I want learning to be fun for him, so we won't be doing any lessons if he is tired, cranky, not feeling well, or just not into the lesson.

The next step for me is finishing the Encyclopedic Knowledge book and organizing the materials.  I would like to have EK ready to go by the time we finish all the Doman dot cards.  Unfortunately, I think I need a new, more cost effective printer.  I will have to see what my tax return looks like.  This whole being a mom thing is expensive!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crib Time

Ok, so I realize that yesterday I said I was going to put Xander in his rocker in his room first and then move him to his crib.  However, yesterday I had him doing tummy time in there for a while to try to get him used to the crib, and he fell asleep for a while.  Then when he fell asleep nursing last night, I figured I'd go ahead and try putting him in.

He woke up when I set him down, but I put my cheek on his and "cuddled" him for a bit.  Then I slowly withdrew out of the room.  He slept for maybe 20 minutes.  Then he was up til 1:30 am, but I did the same thing when he fell asleep nursing, and he stayed there til 8!  Tonight I nursed him in his room, and he didn't even stir when I put him in the crib to sleep!  That was much easier than I expected (although rather hard for me to not be able to roll over and check on him).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sleeping Arrangements

Sigh, I think it might be that time to start altering our sleeping arrangements.  For now, Xander has been sleeping in an inclined rocker next to my bed (best purchase ever, by the way).  He mostly sleeps through the night now, but I've left him in there because it is the only room in the house I heat at night.  Well now there has been a break in the weather and it may be time to put him in his own room.

My plan is to let him continue to sleep in the rocker for a while, but put it in his room.  Once he is used to that, then I'll work on transitioning him to his crib.  We'll see how it goes.  I don't know if I'm 100% ready, but the transition needs to happen before he outgrows the rocker (and the crib won't fit in my room).  Also, I want him very very well adjusted before the trauma of being away from each other all day, starting in May.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I realize Xander has had many milestones.  Learning to hold his head up, discovering his hands, focusing his eyes and following moving objects, learning to babble, etc.  However, each of those is rather gradual.  No finite day or time it happened.  Well today, Xander rolled from his tummy to his back, TWICE!  The first time I was so excited and clapped and cheered and told him how proud I was of him, but part of me worried it was just an accident.  I put him back on his belly to see, and he did it again (to the same reaction from me, of course)!  Unfortunately, the little guy really prefers being on his back, so I'm not sure how he'll learn to go from his back to tummy, but one milestone at a time!

I know it sounds downright silly, because in the grand scheme of things, it isn't that big of a deal.  However, I feel so very blessed to get to be there with him when he did it.  I pray I can be by his side through as many of his accomplishments as possible, to cheer him on and encourage him.  On a related note, I also hope to be there by his side through as many of his failed attempts at things as possible, to cheer him on and encourage him.  I swear that beautiful, wonderful, chunky little boy has saved my life many times over.  He's my world.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


First math lesson complete!  It took all of like 15 seconds, although the set up time on my part is considerable.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Hope that's a good sign.  I've also discovered that he likes classical music.  I've been playing the symphony channel for him on Pandora and he will sit for quite a while listening.  It's nice that it lets me get some things done and provides a nice contrast to the children's songs I've been singing to him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Months

Almost three months!  Goodness I can barely remember life before Xander, although I vaguely remember it being less exhausting. :)

Tonight I've been singing to him along with the music.  He loves it, smiling and cooing.  He has NO idea his mother couldn't sing a note on key to save her life!  Hopefully he doesn't inherit my lack of ability.  

Yesterday I started showing him the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD.  I also started on the workbook and flash cards, but he was much less interested.  However, he did sit and let me show and read him picture books for quite a while.  My friend Mellissa shared her experience teaching her children to read early with me and I was incredibly encouraged.  She said she used the Glenn Doman method, which is also a method my dad had told me a lot about.  Curious, I checked the library and they had his book "How to Teach Your Baby Math."  I was fascinated.  I read the whole book today and would have run out to buy materials to start teaching Xander right away if we weren't in the middle of a snow storm.  However, I did do some online shopping and ordered my own copy of the book, as well as 5 others by Doman.  I plan to combine his system with the YBCR system.  I can't wait to get them all and start playing learning games with Xander.  Maybe it will work and he'll be a genius, but really, I'll just be happy if only gets a little bit out of it.  I want him to learn that learning can be fun and exciting.  If that is accomplished, my hard work will be worth it.  If he comes out of it reading and a math whiz, all the better.  I have a few years before I'll know if any of the work we put in now pays off.  If not, at least we'll get some good bonding time.

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