Early Reading Books - English and Spanish

Little babies learn to read most easily when they are presented with clear, easy to read words free of distractions.  Babies are also most likely to learn to read when they are read to a lot.  However, I've had some trouble finding early readers that fit this description.  I had even more trouble finding them in Spanish.  Since I would really like more reading material for my kids, I decided to make some myself.

Each book will focus on a set of vocabulary words.  I'll make three version of each book, English, Spanish and Bi-Lingual.

Making the Books
  • Since I have a baby, I needed durability.  I printed on cardstock and laminated the pages (we've had this laminator for years and it still works wonderfully).
  • I use a 3 hold punch to make the holes and used 3/4" binder rings to "bind" the books.

The Books:
Parts of the Head - English
Parts of the Head - Spanish
Parts of the Head - English/Spanish
Things I Can Do - English
Things I Can Do - Spanish
Things I Can Do - English/Spanish

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