Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Early Readers - Baby Things

I've been working on making early readers for Archer.  I wanted books that have big clear text on its own page. I have also been making them in Spanish to try to reinforce the vocabulary from our Little Reader lessons.  This one was all about baby things.
I printed on cardstock and laminated the pages . Then, I used a 3 hold punch to make the holes and used 3/4" binder rings to "bind" the books.  For this book, I tried setting it so I could print double sided and make it seem like an actual book.  Archer really seemed to like that better than having to turn the page to find the picture.  I think I'll do it the same way  next time, only landscape orientation rather that portrait.  What worked for me to print was to have it flip on the short side of the page.

You're free to download the files to use with your little one.
Baby Things Book - English
Baby Things Book - Spanish
Baby Things Book - English and Spanish

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