Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Week

With all the crazy weather we've had lately, I thought it would be fun to do a winter themed week.  I made some printables that we used also.  You can print them from here.

First I made him some spelling cards.  He does pretty well if given all the letters in a particular word.  He also does better the shorter the word is.
I made some Arctic Vocabulary Cards to go with his Arctic Toob.

Snowmen Word Family Matching
I had printed a bunch of -ale, -ank, and -ake words onto snowflakes and had Xander match them to the corresponding snowman.  I don't know why rhyming is such a difficult task for him, but it is.  We'll keep working on these skills!

I printed some opposite matching cards and some short sentence cards from Every Star is Different.
Vocabulary Snowflakes
We read a bunch of books, but three of them were from an All About Winter set and had definitions of some of the words in the back (SnowflakesPeople in WinterAnimals in Winter).  I put these words on some snowflakes on the wall and put the definitions on little slips of paper.  Xander would pull a definition from a cup, I'd read it to him, and he'd run to slap the correct word.  (The words and definitions are included in my winter printables.  He insisted on having his picture taken with the vocabulary snowflakes.
Xander also did a word matching activity from 3 Dinosaurs.
Sensory Play
This winter bin was super simple, but Xander really enjoyed it.  The base is rice and I threw in jingle bells, cotton balls, sparkly pom poms, glass beads, and some penguins.
The absolute favorite activity of the week was this bead counting one.  I set up some pony beads, number tiles and pipe cleaners with one end twisted.  Xander would draw a number tile and then put the corresponding number of beads on the pipe cleaner.  I didn't think he'd do all that many at a time, but he wanted to do all 10!  The best part was I got a huge hug every time he finished one number!
These graphing and tallying activities were also from 3 Dinosaurs.  It was a great chance to practice how we make tally  marks (four regularly and the fifth one across).
Winter Books We Read

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arctic Vocabulary Cards

This week we're working on some winter activities.  To go along with it I made some 3 part cards that go with the Arctic Toob.  You can read about how we use our vocabulary cards and print other cards for free on my Vocabulary Card Page.
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