Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

One of my good friends came in town this month, so we decided to take Xander to the pumpkin patch.  He had a great time.  

Almost the whole way there he talked about riding the pony, then when it came time to ride it, he wouldn't let go of me and was scared. Then all he talked about the rest of the day was riding the pony.
Had a great time on the barrel ride!
Wiggle Racers!  Mommy thinks we need one...

Corn maze.
Saying "shhhh listen" to listen to the sound of the wind in the corn.
Picking the perfect pumpkin.

Stopping to watch the tractor.

Time to carve!
Sticky fingers!
Grandpa helped.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tot School - Halloween Week

Halloween Week
Xander is 23 Months

 This week we did a Halloween theme and had a blast!  I love holiday themes!  We have so many wonderful Halloween books, that we didn't even get them all read this week!  Xander was particularly fond of the Super Why Halloween book and the Skeleton's Hiccups.
Halloween Words
Xander loves the Halloween words I made him!  (You can download the 3 part cards here.)  In addition to the 3 Part Cards, I made him a Little Reader lesson.  He absolutely loves it and asks to do it every day, usually multiple times in a row.  Although it has narration, I usually leave it off and just flip through the words and pictures quickly and say them myself.  You can download the Halloween Words Lesson here.  I started showing him the words on Little Reader maybe a week or so before I gave him the three part cards.  By day two, he could match all of the words to the pictures (so proud of that little guy).  I can't keep up with how quickly he can learn the words!

Spider Sorting
I bought a huge back of spider rings at Wal-Mart and set some up with the pegs from our disk sorting activity.  While Xander really struggled to get the rings on the poles, he enjoyed trying.

Felt Jack-O-Lantern
Just a felt pumpkin and a bunch of shapes for faces, but a big hit with the little guy.

Spider Lacing
I set out some of the spider rings, some lacing string, and some old glow bracelets for a lacing activity.

Play Dough
This tray had pumpkin spice play dough, a bunch of Halloween cookie cutters, some spider rings, and some googly eyes.  He had a blast making shapes and monsters.

Pumpkin Numbers
I printed these pumpkin matching cards to try to reinforced numerals and quantities.  He didn't really like that activity, so we just counted the pumpkins.

Beginner Mazes
Xander still isn't ready for mazes, but we did some pre-maze activities.  I had him him use his finger or a dry erase marker to trace the pumpkins from the pumpkin number page.  We did the other maze together.  Both pages are from Busy Bee Kids Printables.

Super Why Photographic Memory Game
I decided to start doing some photographic memory games with Xander.  To make it more engaging, I made some Super Why game cards.  I will post more about this in the future.  He really enjoyed playing this week though.

Stamps and Stickers
Xander loves the Halloween Stampers I got him from Oriental Trading.  He made a few collages with them.  We also did some Halloween stickers.

We used our Hexisnaps to build a jack-o-lantern.
And make some patterns.
And an "X" for Xander.

Doing a Leaf Craft.

Reading a Halloween book.
Halloween Foam Tree

Tot School

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