Thursday, October 11, 2012

Play Dough Fun Box

Xander has been interested in play dough for a while, but lately he has been wanting to play with it a lot more.  I had had all our tools and doughs in a bin.  However, we keep accumulating new tools and colors, so I needed something better and came up with this box.

I bought a two tier Snapware box from Wal-Mart.  The top has a bunch of our tools.  I have included the dough stampers, alphabet cookie cutters, and animal cookie cutters from the Mommy and Me ABC units we have already completed.  I will continue to rotate those tools in as we complete more.  I also have a little Snapware container with large google eyes and some colored plastic gems.

The bottom tier has our play dough (when I took the picture, I had cleaned out all of our homemade play dough).

There is plenty of room for our dough stamping pages (free in the Mommy and Me Printables) above the containers of dough.  They are designed to be used with the dough stampers.  It is nice to have everything in one place!

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