Monday, May 10, 2021

Birthday Cuisenaire Templates

Birthday themed templates for using Cuisenaire Rods

While we haven't started a formal math curriculum yet, I have been trying to periodically use Cuisenaire Rods. Since we're still in the exploration/familiarization stage with the rods (and probably will be for months, until he's ready for more), template matching activities seem to work well for us. He enjoys them and they let us have conversations about the rods and how they compare to one another. He also enjoyed the element of counting up each color of rod at the end. Since it is almost his third birthday, I made some birthday templates for him.

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Letter T - Tiger Week

These are our homeschool preschool activities for the Letter T and Tiger week. Archer was 35 months. You can see our full "curriculum" post here, but we will only use some activities each week. The majority of his time is still unstructured play. 

This was his shelf setup above his desk. I hung some bulletin board letters, a sign language card (from And Next Comes L) and his work from the week. The shelf had an Alphabet Reader, a Meet the Phonics Letter Reader, a peg letter and a wooden letter train car

Building a T with Cuisenaire Rods (template here)
Tracing sand paper letters and then writing them himself.  (DIY tutorial here)
Playdough with a letter stamper (similar to these) and see and stamps.
Using stamps to decorate some Ts.
Letter T puzzles.
Letter construction (From Tired Need Sleep)
Lacing some Ts.
Letter maze (free to print here).
Letter clipping (free to print here).
Math with his froggy balance.
Working on a puzzle.
Rhyming puzzles
I got him some fraction magnets. They had numbers on them, so he LOVED them.
Putting numbers in order with Conezilla.
I got out our Mental blox set and Archer really enjoyed matching the cards (he wasn't always ready to answer the questions, mostly just build the structure). Then we got out our Venn Diagram rings to sort the pieces by attributes.


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