Thursday, August 29, 2013

Writing Practice Sand Box

This school year we are focusing on how letters are formed.  As a fun way to practice, I made Xander this sand box.

It was super simple.  I just started with a photobox and some colored sand.
To get about the height I wanted, I put the lid on and placed a ruler just under.  Then I traced under the ruler.
I got to try out my sklls with a utility knife, but was able to get the box down to size without incident.
I put a white paper in the bottom for contrast, and poured in some sand.  However, I quickly realized I had WAY too much sand.  I slowly removed it until I had an amount the would cover the bottom, but still show up when I wrote in it with my finger.
Tadah!  There's my sand box.  A rubber band holds the lid securely, but it will still live on a high shelf!

1 comment:

  1. What a great sandbox for exploring letter shapes! Some parents might wonder how to help their children develop pre-writing skills. If so, read my post featuring an occupational therapist who helps kids learn to print:


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