Friday, August 16, 2013

Tot School Addition: Preschool Backpack

If you have been following the blog for a while, you may not be surprised to learn that I have decided to skip formal preschool for Xander.  One of the most important factors influencing that decision is that we are lucky enough to have a phenomenal home day care provider.  After some discussion with her, we have decided that I am going to send some preschool materials for Xander to do daily (all of the kids will have daily "table time").  This will ensure that he still has all of his preschool skills covered (about which I wasn't really concerned).  It will also be a HUGE blessing to me because it will lighten my Tot School load for at home, giving me more time to complete my masters projects and to start a formal math curriculum with Xander.

 I let Xander pick out a new backpack that he will take to daycare at the beginning of every week.  There is a folder and dry erase sleeve for worksheets, as well as a pencil pouch with washable dry erase markers, a mini eraser, and twistable crayons that will just live in the backpack.
Every week I plan to send 5-10 worksheets (my kid is weird and asks for worksheets), a couple of books he should be able to read entirely himself, and at least one activity in each of the following categories:
Logic/Thinking Skills
Letter Formation

I will rotate the activities weekly and adjust the number of activities as needed.  My goal is for the activities to be simple and fast enough so as not to be a burden on our daycare provider, while still giving him practice and review in these areas.

Here is the backpack from the first week (I won't be starting letter formation activities for a few weeks).
2 Books
5 Worksheets (with sleeve and makers)
Counting Bears and 2 Pattern Cards
Block Buddies (one card and corresponding pieces only)
Rhyming Sounds puzzles

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