Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paint Bag Pre-Writing Fun

One of of my main focuses this year is practicing pre-writing skills.  Therefore, I have been on the hunt for fun activities to develop these skills.  One super simple way to practice is with a paint bag!

I first gave Xander a paint bag when he was four months old (in this post)

The bag is made by cutting two pieces of Glad Press n Seal to about the same size.  Then squirt a good amount of paint into the middle of one piece (I used maybe 1/4-1/3 of a cup of Crayola washable finger paint).  Put the other piece of Press n Seal on top (sticky sides in), seal around the edges and trim the extras.  Then tape around the edges to hold it all together.  I used orange duct tape, just because I had it and thought it would be more fun than regular masking tape.

It is a lot of fun to squish the paint around, but I am hoping to practice writing letters and making intentional lines with it!
Xander had a good time shaking up the paint for me!

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