Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Preschool Curriculum

*Update:  I will be adding new workbooks and tools to this post as we acquire them, so do not be surprised to see changes!

I have decided not to send Xander to a traditional preschool.  Instead we will do home preschool activities.  Now that we have finished the Mommy and Me ABCs, I gathered together the list of a lot of the preschool materials and activities we will be using.  You can read about how I came to make the decisions I have here. I hope to cover the main subject areas (in bold) every week, but we will see how it goes.  We also plan to have a preschool backpack he works from every week.  Not every resource listed here will be used every week.  Also, this may seem like a lot of schoolwork, but Xander asks to do his "work" (his term, not mine).  

Right Start Math Level A (adapted for a toddler)
Lessons and Ideas from Marshmallow Math
Learning links and pattern cards (from Childcareland)
Your Child Can Discover
100 Number Board
Various Manipulatives
Logic and Thinking Skills

Pattern blocks and pattern cards
Sequencing Puzzles
Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles!
Pre-Writing/Letter Formation
Build a Letter from Tired Need Sleep
Dot Letters from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Alphabet pattern blocks templates from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Paint Bag
Handwriting Without Tears Pieces
Beginner Spelling Cards
3 Letter Word Cards from Homeschool Creations
Fine Motor
Sensory Bins
More misc. Tot Trays
Art projects (coloring, painting, etc.)
The Magic School The Complete Series
You can see our Preschool Science Goals here.

Kid Start Spanish (You can read my review here)
Little Reader Lessons (you can download mine here)
The Magic School The Complete Series - Can be viewed entirely in Spanish!
Misc Preschool
Brain Games Kids: Kindergarten*
Kindergarten Scholar*
Learning toys, games, sensory play, and pretend play 
(You can see some of what we use on the Tools and Toys Page)

*Note:  Keep in mind that my child is weird and asks for worksheets.  Not every two and a half year old would.  We also do not spend all that much time on them.  I give him one page at a time.  I pick the pages of each that are within Xander's abilities.  Also, I put them in dry erase sleeves so that he can redo them.

You can see my 2013 Curriculum Pintrest Board Here

See the 2013-2014 Post Here!

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