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Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum 2014-2015

Last year, a lot of readings liked it when I posted our "curriculum" for Xander's 2013-2014 school year.  As the new school year approaches, I have made a new list of his school activities for 2014-2015 (although many activities will be the same).  For those of you new to the blog, Xander is a pretty unique little guy.  In some areas he's really advanced, in other areas, he still works at about age level.  In a lot of ways he'll be doing kindergarten work, in others, preschool work.  My goal is to keep him challenged and stimulated while making learning fun and playful, so the whole collection of activities may not be appropriate for every kid.  Just pick and choose what you think your little one would like!  If you want to know what we have done in the past, you can check out the archives, or shoot me an email to ask what I did to work on a particular skill!

You can check out this year's school goals here:

Switching to Units
Unlike the last couple of years, I do not have one overriding theme (two years ago I did Mommy and Me ABC and last year we went through the alphabet working on other skills).   This year I'm planning on doing themed units.  Most will probably last about a week, but some might be longer or shorter.  During each unit I hope to do at least some work in each of the following categories (whether or not it relates to the theme):
Writing/Motor Skills
Visual Spatial Skills or a Design Challenge
Sensory Play

Below is a list of resources we'll use to go with the different categories.  I'll also probably make a bunch of printables and post them as we go.  I may also add resources here throughout the year as I find new ones.  It looks like a lot, but we won't always be using all of them at the same time!  My plan is 10-30 minutes a day.  Many links are affiliate links (thank you so much for supporting us).

 Right Start Math Level A (adapted for a 3 y.o.)
Lessons and Ideas from Marshmallow Math
100 Number Board
Geometric Solids
3D Shapes Flashcards (from Suzie's Home Education Ideas)
POP for Addition (with abacus for help.  I removed subtraction cards until he's ready)
Hexicards (Free printable from Pickle Bums)
Math Discovery Early Learning Kit (I sent it to his daycare for practice there)
Geometric Shapes and Beginning Fractions Workbook
Various Counters and Manipulatives
Montessori Printables
While we're officially done with the Alphabet in Simple Science, I'll continue adding pages and themes to that collection.  We'll also try to throw some science in with any unit theme we're doing.
Kid Start Spanish (You can read my review here)
Little Pim Spanish (episodes free via Amazon Prime)
Little Reader Lessons (you can download mine here)
The Magic School The Complete Series - Can be viewed entirely in Spanish!
Readers in Spanish

Visual Spatial/Thinking Skills
You can see some other things we use on the Tools and Toys Page

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  1. Kindergarten is such a fun year for writing and reading progress. I wish I would have saved more samples from my years of teaching over the years as each kid has such a unique style!

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