Sunday, November 22, 2015

DIY "Lego" Advent Calendar

As you may have been able to tell from the blog, Legos are a big deal in our house.  When I saw the Lego City Advent Calendar, I thought it would be great for Xander.  Until, I saw the price.  It seemed pretty expensive for only getting a few minifigs (Xander seems to play with the minifigs more than anything else).

I decided to see what I could do myself.  I started by ordering a set of 20 Lego compatible Minifigs.  I'd ordered these for party favors before and the kids seemed to love them, so for $5, I figured they'd be perfect for inside the advent calendar.  Since I still needed 4 more, I decided to splurge and get some Avengers Lego compatible Minifigs.  (Now these took a while to arrive, so maybe shop around and see which ones will make it before Christmas).  My babysitter once gave him a couple of these, so I knew that he couldn't tell the difference between these and real Legos.  The only problem we have had with them is one of them sometimes loses his hand when putting a gun or something in it.  Not that big of a deal and I'm sure these will be Xander's favorites out of the whole set.  I also like that they come with accessories.

I got some little paper envelopes from Michael's (with a coupon), as well as a cute little snowman box.  The envelopes came 24 to a package, so I'll have some left over for next year.
 I put one little minifig in each envelope, sealed them up and they're ready to go!
 The box was a little smaller than I probably should have gotten, but they all fit.  I'm excited for December 1st so that he can start opening them!  I'm sure they'll be a big hit and they cost me half as much for things I know he'll enjoy.
I'd love to hear your advent ideas, since I won't want to give him the same thing next year!

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