Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Week

Happy Easter!
We took a break from our regular school activities to have a spring/Easter week.  Here's what we did instead.

As we do with any special occasion, we read a ton of Spring and Easter books!

Spring Frame
I picked up a wooden frame and some little wooden cutouts at the craft store and we made a spring frame together.  Xander picked out the colors and placement.  He is so proud to have the frame on the mantel.
Flower Shooting Game
I picked up some flower dry erase decals on clearance a while back (its a good thing they were cheap because they didn't stick worth a darn).  Anyway, I wrote some numbers and random words on them.  Then I would pose Xander a question, like "what is 5 and 1?"  Then he would shoot the flower with the answer on it with a Nerf gun.  His aim was horrible, so I had him tell me which one he was shooting for.  He LOVED the game!  We'll definitely have to do other similar games in the future.  
(The spring flowers sheet in the middle is a logic game from a Math Riddles and Mini Posters book)
Easter Egg Fine Motor Math Game
I picked up these eggs on sticks and Parmesan cheese container at the dollar store.  I gave Xander a die and had him roll to see how many eggs he needed to put in the container.  He played it a few times this week, until he started breaking the eggs.
Easter Sensory Bin
Just some grass, eggs, and bugs made a super simple sensory bin.
Paint Roller Egg Craft
We recently got these great paint rollers from Lakeshore Learning, so I figured they'd be great for an Easter craft.  I got out some butcher paper and let him roll away!  Then I cut the paper out in egg shapes.
Spring Pattern Blocks
Making a flower with his magnetic pattern blocks.  He's also started making his own designs, which makes me happy.
Number Board Fun
This week Xander re-discovered his number board.  He had fun looking at numbers and making patterns.  He even delayed eating blueberry turnovers until he was "done" playing with the number board.  Hey, I'm happy for him to have whatever exposure to numbers he wants!
Abacus Work
Making stairs on the abacus.
Playstick Building
Xander really wanted to build a pyramid with his Playsticks. I wasn't sure if he would have the patience to do it, but he did a wonderful job.  I helped him with the initial spacing and then walked him through each step, but he did it all himself!  You can tell from the picture how proud he was! 
Easter Printables
We did a few printable activities from 3Dinosaurs

Friday, April 18, 2014

P for Push and Pull

See what we did for other letters in the Alphabet in Simple Science.

P for Push and Pull
Science Notebook Page (Click the picture to print).

First we did his science notebook page and talked about pushes and pulls.  We read a few books about pushes and pull, and Xander particularly liked Pushes and Pulls: Why it Works.  After talking about them and some examples, I had him demonstrate using play dough.

A Squeeze is a Push

Pulling the Play Dough

Push or Pull?
Push and Pull Sorting Sheet (Print here)
Two bins or containers

Since pushing and pulling were hard to design experiments with, I made up some cards with different types of pushes and pulls (you can print it above).  Then Xander sorted each card into a basket for push and pull.  He did a great job with it and thought it was a lot of fun.

Check out my Alphabet in Simple Science Pinterest Board for more ideas!
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