Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fall Sight Words Printables

Lately, Archer has been a little obsessed with apples.  He wants to eat them constantly and loves pointing them out.  He also LOVES sight words.  I find this really funny, because Xander hated them.  He didn't like the sight words DVDs and he liked to read books but would skip all the little sight words, going straight to all the "interesting" words in a sentence.
I'm trying to embrace Archer's interests, so I made him some apples and leaves with sight words on them.  I used 36 of the Pre-K Dolch Words.
I printed each page on its own color and laminated them. For an older kid, you could easily print two copies of each and play matching or memory games.
While he recognizes a lot of words, he has trouble finding them if you give him too many options at once. I started out by giving him six of the apples, with the idea of having him put them into the tractor wagon.  He didn't really want to do that, but he did have fun pointing to each one as I asked him to find it. Using only six also made the game go quickly, to suit his 16 month attention span. We will play this game with other apples throughout the fall.

You can print the Fall Sight Words Here

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