Monday, September 9, 2019

Games for Brains: Evolution the Beginning

Evolution: The Beginning
Playing Time: 30 min
Players: 2-5

The biology teacher in me could not resist the line of Evolution games.  Since I bought this one when Xander was about 6, I bought Evoultion: The Beginning, which is supposed to be the simplest and easiest to learn of the line. In the game you have species, which you evolve traits for and have to feed to keep alive.  Different traits add protection or allow predators to eat their prey. In the end, you want to have eaten the most food. This game takes about a half an hour, which I think is a good time frame.  I'm not sure if we'll buy the "full" version of Evolution, since it is supposed to take around an hour and be more for heavier gamers. On the other hand, it is science and we do play some complex games, so maybe.

Brain Value:
First of all, I like that this game uses real terminology like "species," "population," "trait," etc. However, it does take a little bit for some non-science nerd players to distinguish between species and population.  I also like the idea of the species evolving to help them survive, easily letting Xander grasp the concept of natural selection. Since you have to balance adding population to being able to feed them, there is definitely some strategy involved.

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