Early Learning ideas for using Cuisenaire Rods

Why use Cuisenaire Rods?

Cuisinaire Rods are a very hands on tool for teaching math that is perfect for early learning! The rods are easy to use and appealing. Little kids can learn math concepts without needing to involve numbers! They are great for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.

Great Cuisenaire Resources:

  • Gattegno Mathematics Textbook One (free to read online here)
  • Hands-on Learning with Gattegno (free from Arithmophobia)
  • Various rod ideas from Play Discover Learn 24/7
  • Childs Play Math 1 & 2 (available elsewhere online, but I got it from TPT)

Getting started:

I did a quick post here about my very early goals with using the rods.

Cuisenaire Printables

Printable alphabet templates for using with Cuisenaire Rods
Birthday themed templates for using Cuisenaire Rods
Valentine's Day Themed printable math templates to use with Cuisenaire Rods
St. Patrick's Day Themed math templates for using Cuisenaire Rods
Easter themed math templates for using Cuisenaire Rods
Patriotic templates for using Cuisenaire Rods

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