Monday, January 11, 2021

Beginning Cuisenaire Math Mat

 As I've mentioned before, my little guy really seems drawn to math. I've been doing a lot of reading into using Cuisinaire Rods to teach math, since they are very hands on and somewhat intuitive. I found some great resources and have been trying to figure out how to adapt that to a 2.5 year old. 

All the methods start with getting playing and getting familiar with the rods. I want him to learn that each color is a different length and that rods of the same color are always the same length. I also want to introduce him to some of the vocabulary associated with rods. Initially I'm focusing on the color names (which are not 100% intuitive) and the ideas of laying the rods "end to end" and "side by side." I also want him to be able to talk about and compare lengths.

To help with that, I made this Cuisenaire Exploration Mat.

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