Friday, January 22, 2021

Trucks and Diggers Preschool Week

 Archer has definitely been enjoying our Alphabet Themes, but I like to mix things up too. He loves trucks and diggers, so I made a bunch of materials and we did a week with that theme. Because he loves math so much, it was pretty math heavy.
I made a sensory bin with black beans, a magnetic tile ramp, rocks, sticks and some mini machines.
This vehicle puzzle was a big hit this week.
I found these Cuisenaire Addition Trucks on TPT. Archer did great for the first time on each one, but refused to consider more than one possible solution for each.
Putting letters into a deconstructive Duplo truck?
Working on Water Wow-Vehicles
Construction Truck  mazes.
10s frames with construction trucks (Construction Vehicle Math Pack).
Looking at Construction Vehicles on Little Reader.
Construction Vehicle Vocabulary cards were a hit. He asked to do them multiple times.
Coin recognition (Construction Vehicle Math Pack).
Line and shape tracing (Construction Vehicle Math Pack)
Beginning graphing. We used a Do a Dot Marker to record each roll (Construction Vehicle Math Pack).
Place value blocks are still requested multiple times a week.
We started working on tally sticks. Archer still doesn't love the idea of crossing every fifth stick (Construction Vehicle Math Pack).
Counting by 2s puzzle (Construction Vehicle Math Pack).
This week's shelves. On the left I had Trucky 3, Magna-Qubix (played with frequently, so I am not allowed to put away), and stacking garages. On the right I had his Building Site Game, a 12 piece puzzle, vehicle magnets, a truck matching game, a magnetic truck building activity and a basket of cars.
I wasn't sure how he would do with Trucky 3, because he's still pretty young. He needed a few tries, but can figure out most of the first level puzzles.
He's had these stacking garages since his first birthday and it has been so fun to watch how his interactions with them have evolved as he ages. Now he spontaneously orders them or stacks them (and gets very mad if I mess with the order or suggest putting cars in the wrong garage).
More puzzles. He sure love jigsaws (as much as my oldest resisted them).
Vehicle magnets with a white board and stand.
Trying to put together the picture on the back of his truck matching game.
Playing big brother's the Detective Agency game on the Osmo.

Here are some other Trucks and Diggers Resources you might like (aff links used):

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