Friday, January 29, 2021

Winter Theme Activities

We're still taking a break from our Alphabet Themes to do some theme weeks. This week we did a winter theme. Now, I will say that Archer is definitely his own person and I do not force him into activities. Frustratingly, there were many activities with which I presented him that he did not feel like doing. Therefore, our activities feel a little more abbreviated than what I had planned.
As always, the shelf by his desk had some books for the week and I hung his artwork above. He has been very closed to reading "new" books, so we only read The Little Snowplow, Just a Snowman and Snowball Soup. Hoping to read some of the other great books next year!

I made a sensory bin with epsom salt, acrylic snowflakes and the penguins Toob.

I also got a big bin of snow from outside for him. I gave him cups of liquid water colors and some twisty droppers. He mostly preferred dumping water between all the cups. 
Don't Break the Ice with random words written on them with overhead marker.
Playing Little Cooperation and getting the animals safely to the igloo. I think this is currently his favorite board game.
Button art tray. He will do a couple of pages, but then looses interest. I think it might be too easy for him.
Snowflake and snowman stickers.

"Snow" painting. I gave him white and silver glitter paint, a cotton ball on a clothes pin, a q-tip and a porcupine ring. For a kid who dislikes arts and crafts, he lasted longer than I thought he would!
We did play dough a couple of different ways. I had one tray with glass gems and snowflake cookie cutters. A different day I got his shape stamps.
I got out several winter sentence cards I had made back when my oldest was a toddler. He had to put the words in order to make a sentence. This was the first time I showed Archer this kind of activity and he really liked it.
Failed snowplow tray. Archer was very very offended I used his diggers in this way and immediately took them out of the tray and put them back with his other vehicles.
Drawing a number and then putting that many beads onto a pipe cleaner. He did well but lost interest after about 3 numbers.
Winter 12 piece puzzle (he does these on his own now).
To go with his Dimensions Math, we did a Rough and Smooth sort.
Playing with his place value blocks.
Magna-Qubix were big this week. He played for hours!


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