Sunday, November 22, 2015

DIY "Lego" Advent Calendar

As you may have been able to tell from the blog, Legos are a big deal in our house.  When I saw the Lego City Advent Calendar, I thought it would be great for Xander.  Until, I saw the price.  It seemed pretty expensive for only getting a few minifigs (Xander seems to play with the minifigs more than anything else).

I decided to see what I could do myself.  I started by ordering a set of 20 Lego compatible Minifigs.  I'd ordered these for party favors before and the kids seemed to love them, so for $5, I figured they'd be perfect for inside the advent calendar.  Since I still needed 4 more, I decided to splurge and get some Avengers Lego compatible Minifigs.  (Now these took a while to arrive, so maybe shop around and see which ones will make it before Christmas).  My babysitter once gave him a couple of these, so I knew that he couldn't tell the difference between these and real Legos.  The only problem we have had with them is one of them sometimes loses his hand when putting a gun or something in it.  Not that big of a deal and I'm sure these will be Xander's favorites out of the whole set.  I also like that they come with accessories.

I got some little paper envelopes from Michael's (with a coupon), as well as a cute little snowman box.  The envelopes came 24 to a package, so I'll have some left over for next year.
 I put one little minifig in each envelope, sealed them up and they're ready to go!
 The box was a little smaller than I probably should have gotten, but they all fit.  I'm excited for December 1st so that he can start opening them!  I'm sure they'll be a big hit and they cost me half as much for things I know he'll enjoy.
I'd love to hear your advent ideas, since I won't want to give him the same thing next year!


  1. Wonderful idea! My aunt had also put some candies like this inside a small envelope last year when the Christmas party was at famous venue NYC which was beautifully decorated. I really liked the idea of minifig. Can you please suggest more things that can be put inside?

    1. Any small candy or toy would work. This year we did mini Pokemon figurines. You can see this year's advent calendar here (


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