Friday, August 2, 2013

Tot School Goals Checklists

A few weeks ago I wrote out a short To-Do list for Xander's school activities using a dry erase marker.  He liked it so much (and breezed right through all the activities) that I decided to make it a regular part of tot school.

Here is the most updated version I have.  The things on the right are activities I would like us to do daily.  The lines on the left are where I can write in whatever learning activities I would like him to do for the day.  On days we have a lot of time, I'll fill them all.  On busier days I may put only a couple of things or even nothing on the lines.  I put it in a page protector and write on it with dry erase marker.  When he completes an activity, he gets to erase it.  It does not matter to me the order in which he chooses to do the activities, but he generally prefers to go right down the list.  We will keep using it as long as it works for us.  You can print a blank version of the checklist here.

A version of the list in practice (before I added the calendar box).
How he chose to erase an item from his list one day.

Mommy's Checklist
While I was at it, I decided to make my own checklist.  I use this to make sure that I cover all of the important subject areas as I'm setting up his trays each week.  A few of the subjects have some things written in already, since I plan to do those weekly.  You can print a blank version of the checklist here.
Sorry, I know it is a little hard to see, but here is an example of my checklist in use.  There are a couple of things on there that I plan to start in the fall, so they're just crossed out for now. :)

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