Monday, October 15, 2012

D for Dolphin (Week 1)

Xander is 23 Months

We are currently working on our Mommy & Me ABC units.  This was our first week of the letter D and dolphins.  (Disclaimer, I wrote this post on little sleep and lots of stress, so please forgive any typos/errors).

 His white board had some dolphin cut outs (now posted in the printables), some alphabet magnets, and his fridge phonics set.  His shelf had a fabric D, the D from our floor tiles, a D minibook, the dolphin from his toob, his peg letter D, and the dolphin from his alphabet zoo
The book bin was overflowing with dolphin books and books about the letter D.

Some bulletin board letters and some printables made into lacing cards. (The strings are from Oriental Trading).  He pretty much only wanted to lace the Ds and ignored the dolphins.

Using his training scissors to cut apart the dolphins.

Dolphin Size Sorting

Dolphin Letter Clipping
I found these cute dolphin clothes pins at the dollar store a while back.  Xander loved clipping the Ds with them.  He is so proud of himself when he gets it clipped on!

Shape Seas
This box had some dolphins with colored shapes and then some shape seas.  He only wanted to match two of them this week, the pentagon and the hexagon.  Since those are the only two he struggles with, I was happy to let him stop there.  I am going to have to figure out a more challenging activity to replace this one in the future!

Dolphin Number Cards
We accidentally forgot to do this tray this week!  Oops.  Maybe next week?

Sensory Bin
Spooning Ds and playing hide and seek with the dolphins.

Alphabet Pegs
One day Xander begged me for the scarecrow from last week's fall cards (in the printables).  I gave it to him and he decided to sit with it while he played with the D from A-Z Peg Letters.  He kept waving and saying "hi" to it.

Fall Words Set Two
Last week's fall cards were such a big hit that I made another (you can download it here).  He learned all the words within a couple of days, but still wanted to match the words to the pictures again and again.

One day he asked for the cards from last week and lined all of them up together.

Fishing Puzzle

Dolphin Craft
I printed the outline of a dolphin and he used some Do a Dot markers to color it in.

For more dolphin ideas you can check out my Dolphin Pinterest Board.  (I add to the boards even after we finish the animal).

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