Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Printable Pack

Can you believe Valentine's Day is only about a week away!?  I swear this year has been flying by!  We are taking a break from our regular school activities to do some Valentine's themed ones.  To go along with them, I created some Valentine's materials and decided to share early, just in case someone else would like to use them too!  I also included a few of the trays we'll be doing.  I'll make the full post in a couple weeks when we're done!

Valentine's Word Family Mailboxes
Valentine Symbols Measuring Worksheet
Short Sentence Ordering Cards
Number Cards 0-10 and Counting by 10s
Spelling Cards

Valentine's Word Family Mailboxes
These include a bunch of Valentines with -ail, -all, and -ell words, as well as the corresponding mailboxes
Sentence Ordering Cards
I got this idea from Every Star is Different.  I have three sets of cards with pictures and words.  There is a set with a 3 word sentence, one with a 4 word sentence, and one with a 5 word sentence.  
Spelling Cards
I included three Valentine's themed words for him to try to spell.
Counting By Tens
I made cards 0-100 and made little strings of 10 beads each with pipe cleaners and pony beads.  I'll have him draw a card at random and set out the corresponding number of beads or put the cards in order 0-100.
 Numbers 0-10
I also included numbers 0-10 and made pipe cleaners that are only twisted on one end.  I'll have him draw a card and string the corresponding number of beads.  He can also put them in order when he is done.
Science Review
 Wal-Mart had some dry erase stickers on clearance recently.  I decided a vocabulary game would be a good use for them.  I put them on our cabinet and wrote a bunch of the words we have done this year in our Alphabet in Simple Science on them.  Then I printed out some definitions.  I'll either read him a definition, or have him pick out out of the bin, then once he knows the word he can run to the cabinet and hit the correct heart.  If you'd like the list we used and definition cards you can print it here

 The dollar store had these cute little heart skewers, so I picked up a bucket and some floral foam.  I'll have him put all of the hearts in the foam.
 Oriental Trading Company recently had free shipping, so I ordered some of these linking hearts.  I'll have him practice making patterns with them.
 I found some cute little floral hearts and the dollar store, so will have him transfer them with his jumbo tweezers.

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