Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Valentine's Day Resources

Printables, Preschool, Tot School
 After over a decade of early learning and blogging, I'm am starting to accumulate a lot of materials and posts. I thought it might be helpful to start creating a landing page for each holiday


Blog Posts:

Tot School Heart Activities (2020 - 26 Months)
Valentine's Tot School (2020 - 21 months) 
Tot School Valentine's (2012 - 15 months)

Tools and Manipulative Ideas:
Shape Stamps (for ink or playdough)
Valentine's Day Scatter (sensory bins, light table play, play dough)
Heart Fondant Cutters (play dough) 

Valentine's Day Book Ideas: 
Love is My Favorite Thing
Plenty of Love to Go Around
Love Escargot

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