Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pre-K Valentine's Activities

While we are slowly working our way through some purchased curriculum this year, I decided to also add in some themed activities that either go with the seasons/holidays or go with Archer's interests. Here are some of our Valentine's Day Themed Activities

We started out with a heart shaped hole punch activity from Early Learning Ideas
I've been trying to encourage more craftiness, so I got this set of paper punches for him to use. I put out some blank cardstock cards and some colored paper for him to punch a glue.
We tried our first pin poke activity. I just drew a heart on a notecard and we used a foam sheet folded in half to protect the table. He was so proud of himself when he finished!
Pipe cleaner hearts and pony beads
Doing some Valentine's Math from 3 Dinosaurs
Magnetic pattern blocks with a template from Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace. I set them up on our on our magnetic easel.
Valentine's Day ELA
Play dough this year was just a bunch of cookie cutters, a heart extruder and some gems and hearts. He played with it several different days.
Using Valentine's Cuisenaire Rod templates. He still likes counting the pieces and filling out the part on the bottom the best.
Sensory bin of purple popcorn kernals, some valentine's vase scatter and some construction vehicles.
We used these little plastic linking hearts to make patterns.
We got out some felt envelopes I made, but he wasn't that interested this year.
I got out our Valentine's books for him too. Where is Love, Biscuit? was his favorite this year.
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