Thursday, February 3, 2022

3 Year Old Pre-K Monthly Summary: January

I've posted about some of the themes we have done this winter, but I thought I'd also do a monthly summary post of some of our other school activities (mostly for me to look back on).  Since he goes to preschool two days a week for social interaction and because he is only 3, school is always short, doesn't happen daily, and isn't forced (although schoolwork is sometimes used as a precurser to getting to watch YouTube). 


We're using some lessons from Kindergarten Math with Confidence, but only those that fit his current skill level. We're also adding in other activities. Mostly, I look through the book and figure out which skills we want to review or improve.

Playing with his geometry building set.
Playing with his telling time magnets


We're working our way through All About Spelling. We definitely keep the lessons short, subdividing them into multiple days. He likes it as long as we don't try to do too much at a time.


Handwriting is still hit or miss. I forgot to get pictures. He finished all the capital letters this week and we will move on to the lowercase soon.

Other Activities

Coloring a map on the light table. He's still obsessed with maps.
Working on his World Map GeoPuzzle
Coloring maps and flags.
Playing with this amazing new Magic Adventure Globe a friend got him.
We found where you can make a flag banner from Little Passports. They have a color guide, but he preferred his Flag Book.
Making a "hamster maze" out of magnetic tiles.
He's been hesitant to cut at preschool, so I got him a cutting and pasting workbook to practice at home. He seems to do fine, I think he just doesn't like forced crafts.
Animal stickers
My non-crafty kid making a hamster home for his imaginary hamsters!
Wanting to explore the paper cutter.
Paper punchers to decorate his hamster home.
Painting a box to be a "hamster maze." I'm going to milk this hamster craft this for all I can!


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