Friday, February 5, 2021

Valentine's Preschool Activities

We're still doing some theme weeks instead of our normal Alphabet Themes. This week we did Valentine's Day themed activities. I do not force Archer to do things, so I often will present him with an activity that he rejects. I try not to take it personally! 😂
I put some of our Valentine's Day books on his shelf. Happy Love Day Daniel Tiger was, by far, the favorite. I liked The Littlest Cupid because the main character was named Archie.
I set out some red play dough with heart gems, cookie cutters and a heart extruder.
Using Valentine's Cuisenaire Rod templates. He was good at finding the right rods, but needed a lot of help holding them in place as he added new ones (he tended to push things around). He also really enjoyed tallying up how many of each rod we used for me to record on the bottom.
I found these great Valentine's pattern block templates at Playdough to Plato. He likes adding the pattern blocks, but needs a lot of help keeping things from sliding around.
I gave him some colored paper and a heart paper punch and he enjoyed making tiny hearts. He did not feel like gluing them onto anything.
I made a big tub of soap foam (2T dish soap, 1/4 c water on high in a mixer) for him to play in. I threw in some hearts and his resin letters. On the side I had a bowl of clean water (which I had to keep replacing), a towel and molds for the hearts/letters to go into. He played for a long, long time. My floor was wet and soapy, his pants were pink, but he loved it.
10s Frame with acrylic hearts and lips.
I gave him some heart numbers and his place value blocks (he still requests these frequently). I had him put the numbers in order and he added tens to several of them before losing interest.
Very short lived coffee filter craft. I had to finish it for him, but he liked the end result.
Organizing words into sentences (printable here). He did pretty well, so I think I need to do more of this kind of activity.
Same idea making words. We haven't really attempted much spelling, so I really had no expectations. He did well. Although, this is not the same as generating his own letters. He definitely would have forgotten the e's on the end.
A Valentine's sensory bin had purple popcorn kernels, acrylic hearts and diamonds and little heart erasers on which I wrote the alphabet. Anything with letters is automatically more appealing to him.
We got out some felt envelopes I made him. He matched the shapes to the shapes on the stamps.
We also played Frankie's Food Truck Fiasco (according to his own rules)
He had been requesting a number mold, so I made some resin numbers to go in it. Unfortunately, the numbers do not stand up on their own. Playdough to the rescue!
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