Thursday, February 6, 2020

Valentine's Day Tot School Activities

One of the best things about "homeschooling" a toddler is being able to incorporate fun holiday and seasonal activities! We are currently taking a break from our Color Themes to do some Valentine's Day Activities.
Here were this weeks shelves. I used Magnatiles to make a heart on the white board (Xander was surprised I didn't need to look up directions to pull it off). On top I have some decorate hearts on sticks with a cheese container. The shelves have a puzzle, our wooden mailbox, the heart hanging activity, Feed the Woozle (not playing by the rules yet), some two part puzzles, our shape cupcakes, a alphabet bead shaker, Valentine's day magnets, paper with a heart punch, shape letters/mailbox and a basket of his vehicles.
Putting heart decorations in the cheese container.
A silicone candy mold and some heart beads for a one to one correspondence activity.
I have been SO excited to get out this pasta drying rack since I got it.  When I found these fabric heart loops at the craft store, I figured they'd be perfect! It was the activity Archer went for first!
I'm trying to have out a different set of two part puzzles every week.
I found these Valentine's Day magnets several years ago and set them out with a small white board.
DIY shape matching letters and mail box. (This is an old picture, because I forgot to take one this week).
This tray had several sheets of paper and a heart shaped paper punch.  Archer still needed me to slide the paper into the punch, but he enjoyed pushing it down and playing with the heart shaped confetti that resulted.
Valentine's Day sensory bin. I dyed some corn cernals purple (it took a LOT of gel food coloring and liquid water color with a little rubbing alcohol). I threw in some little heart contianers, fabric hearts, and some Valentine's Day vase fill.
Valentine's Day play dough. I used some of the vase fill here also, as well as some heart and flower shaped fondant cutters.
I used our balance beams to make a giant heart obstacle course.  I can't find the same set to link anymore, but it is a knock off of the River Stones or River Landscape
Washable stamp pad and heart stamper.
I hung his masterpieces on the wall by the desk.  His shelf also has several of our Valentine's Day books.

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