Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tot School - Valentine's Day

Xander is 15 Months

We decided to take a little break from our color themes to do some Valentine's Day themed activities.

We started with our red play dough and some heart shaped cookie cutters.

We also did some painting with pink paint and a heart shaped sponge. He LOVES to paint, but can't always refrain from tasting the paint.

We also made some Valentine's cookies.  I let him help me cut some of them out, although I did the majority of them.  I also chose to go with red and pink sprinkles instead of frosting.  Gosh did the kid love putting on the sprinkles!  He got them on half the kitchen.

This week we did a Valentine's bin.  Nothing too exciting.  Just some heart containers, heart erasers, red and clear jewels, a pink fork and spoon, and a plush lady bug.  I also included the wooden spools and balls that I painted red, white, and pink.  Xander added the cell phone himself.

He really enjoyed spooning the smaller objects.

And, of course, dumping the bin out over his head.  (Which is why we don't use colored rice or other really small fillers in our bins yet).

One tray had a stiff peice of felt with hearts made out of regular felt.  Xander was not all that interested.  He arranged the hearts on the stiff felt once.  The rest of the week he just kind of threw the hearts around the room.

Since we didn't have a Valentine's Day themed puzzle, I used this flower pot puzzle from our Melissa and Doug Puzzle set.  He seems to really like these puzzles, so we may be using them more often.

Our last tray was a mini mail box and little felt envelopes I made.  

We also read a bunch of Valentine's Themed Books.  Where is Love, Biscuit? Was Xander's favorite by far!

As nice as our Valentine's weeks were, I will still be happy to get back to the routine of colors!

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