Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Return of Little Reader

As anyone who has been following the blog for a while knows, I used to use Little Reader with Xander.  Little Reader is a fantastic program that teacher infants and toddlers reading in a style very similar to that recommended by Glenn Doman.  Last fall, Xandere completely lost interest in the program, so we completely stopped using it.  A couple of weeks ago he was wanting to use the computer, so I decided to try getting it back out.  Oh my goodness, what a hit!  He absolutely LOVES it now.  In fact, first thing he does in the morning is run to the computer and start pounding on the seat (his signal that he wants to sit in the chair).  The other day the computer was doing something so it was being SO slow in opening the program, the poor kid cried like he was hurt.  He wanted to do his reading program!  I am absolutely thrilled.  It is one more tool to help him learn to read.

In fact, he has been so hooked on Little Reader, that we have switched to doing his color flash cards on it half the time.  I think for future themes I will try to create a Little Reader lesson to reinforce what we are learning.  I will include the link for any Little Reader users who want to download them.

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