Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Velcro Block

For Christmas I got Xander some Melissa and Doug Cutting Food.  While he really likes playing with it, I realized that he really didn't understand the concept of Velcro.  Hence, the Velcro Block.

I bought a wooden cube from the craft store and painted it white.  Then I put the prickly side of self adhesive Velcro dots one 5 of the 6 sides.  Originally, I wanted to arrange them like dots on a die, but they didn't fit well and I didn't want the bottom sticking to the carpet.

Then I painted wooden disks a variety of colors and attacked the soft side of the Velcro dots.  I did two of each color so that we could also use them for matching games.  You could also try to create patterns or groups.  In the future I might paint numbers onto the disks for more ways to play.

Xander is only 14.5 months right now, so he still struggles with lining up the Velcro.  He really likes taking the disks off the block, and gets very excited when actually gets a disk to stay on.


  1. I made a velcro block like yours for my daughter as a tot school activity and it was a hit. I wrote about it on my blog and linked back to you! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  2. Love this! We made a Velcro Tower and the kiddos have loved playing with it. And I admit I am a bit obsessed with velcro, so may have to do this as well ; )


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