Monday, January 30, 2012

Color Themes - White Week

Xander is 14.5 months

This week's color theme was white, and what a challenge!  There just isn't a lot a lot you can do with white, so, unfortunately, we just didn't do as many activities.

As usual, one of our tot trays was a bin of white items.  This weeks included a paint tray, ping pong balls, cups from our play food, a plastic car, and wooden balls and spools I painted.  He really enjoyed putting the ping pong balls in the cups and paint tray.

We used our flash cards (find them on the downloads page) in the normal way, but then we also did some sorting.  I did it all for him, but he thought it was interesting.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, someone has hidden the "verde" card and I haven't been able to find it yet.

Because coloring with white is so hard, I did not make a white color book like I did for the other weeks.  However, we did paint with white paint.  I was impressed with how few times he tried to eat it!

We are still using all of the items in our color themes bin.  Xander plays with the ball and crayon puzzle (Staples).  He LOVES the dry erase center.  He also plays with the Wash and Go Magents and Leap Frog Maracas every single day.  He looks through some of our color books every day also.  Several times this week we went through some foam cards that I wrote the color names on.

With school starting and my life getting more hectic, I decided I wanted to take a more organized approach to Xander's Tot School Time.  I made the following goal sheet.  It includes each tot tray and the puzzle of the week, and five check marks next to each.  There is a row for stickers, coloring, Your Child Can Read, Your Child Can Discover, and Reading Amigo (see Reading Amigo review here).  While I have three boxes next to each, I don't mind if he watches the movies less.  I am very happy with all three DVD sets, but only have the check marks to help me remember to rotate what he watches.  I wrote in a row for our color flash cards, which Xander actually enjoys.  I also have a big section at the bottom for our Book Challenge.  The goal is to read four new books a day (although we read many many books every day), so I have seven columns of four rows to help me keep on track.  Once again, this is a goal sheet.  If something (or many somethings) doesn't get done, no big deal.  It is mostly just to remind me of what I have done and what I haven't each week.

Since this weeks theme was white and our Velcro block is white, that was one of our tot trays (post found here).  Xander hadn't seen it before, but he did better than I expected.  

Working on a puzzle.  He still can't do them, but likes to try.  I do them with him to work on the terminology and strategy.

His last tray was just a tray of alphabet blocks.  We practiced stacking the and knocking them down.

He also enjoyed dumping the tray.

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