Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby Brilliance

It has been a while since I have just written an entry just about Xander what he does.  Since my  main reason for blogging is to help me remember as much of his life as possible, I figure I am overdue.  Lately, I have found myself looking at him in amazement, both that I can possibly love someone so much, and at just how brilliant babies truly are.

Xander is 14 months now.  He is full of spunk and energy.  He can walk, sometimes very quickly.   He climbs the stairs with ease, although he cannot go down them.  I am extremely grateful he hasn't had a bad fall down them, however, I have had some saves that defied all laws of physics.  Whenever Grandpa sits down to put on his socks or shoes, Xander races over and puts his hands on Grandpa's shoulders, expecting a piggy back ride.  If Grandpa takes too long, Xander is nice enough to hurry him along by banging repeatedly on his back.  Xander also shakes his head at everything, not necessarily meaning "no."

Xander thinks he can do anything, and often tries.  He watches everything we do VERY closely, so we have to be careful what we let him see us do.  He bangs keys against doors, trying to get them to open.  He tries hard to get his own socks and shoes on.  He puts random (sometimes clean) clothes in the hampers.  He also likes to put various objects in other cupboards, drawers, and bins.  For example, I have found magnetic letters in the drawer under the oven.  He is also a whiz at finding and unlocking unsuspecting cell phones.  If it has a screen, he thinks it should be his.

He can only reliably say ball, book, hi, and uh oh, although he also says bampa for "grandpa" and he says mama to mean anything he happens to want at the time.  Regardless, his is still an excellent little communicator, particularly if he wants something.  He knows the sign for "eat" and isn't afraid to use it.  In fact, he tells me he wants to eat pretty much from the time he wakes up until he passes out.  Brice thinks he should be a professional eater when he grows up.  Xander also knows the signs for more and milk.

One of his favorite games is on my bed.  He loves to sit on it and throw a ball off, say "uh oh" and wait for me to throw it back.  Repeat about 40 times.  For the last couple of months he has been obsessed with lights.  He always wants to play with the light switches.  He often finds the lights in the room and points them out to you.  One of the only ways to get him buckled into his car seat without is to turn the dome light on and off at his command.  He loves reading books and will constantly bring me some.  However, he gets so excited about the new books he is giving you that he doesn't always want you to finish the one you're reading.  One day this week, I had about 15 books in my lap before I finished reading the first, plus a little boy that didn't understand why I wasn't reading ALL of them to him instantaneously.

Last week I got my first real kiss from Xander (talk about melting a mom's heart!).  Before, he had always just randomly pressed his mouth to my face, but this time, he actually puckered and made a kissing noise.

Anyway, I could write for days and days.  There are so many amazing quirks and mannerisms I want to just capture forever.  I try to soak it all in and enjoy it as much as possible.  He is changing and learning so quickly I worry about how much I am forgetting.  I am so incredibly blessed to be his mommy and pray that I will someday have more children as wonderful as him.

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