Monday, January 16, 2012

Tot School - Pink Week (14 Months)

This week's color was pink.  Goodness, this was a hard one for us!  We just don't have that much pink.  His bin was a little sparse, but it contained balls from his ball pit, the pink parts of a tea set that was in our bin of toy food (from when I had a step daughter), a balloon filled with flour, a maraca, wooden crafting balls and spools I painted, a beaded necklace, the pink things from his IKEA dishes, and some measuring spoons from the dollar spot at Target a few Valentine's Days ago.

We put stickers on pink paper and colored with pink crayons.

I didn't have a pink dry erase marker, so instead of laminating his Pink Color Books, I just printed them to color in crayons and markers.  You can download the English and Spanish books here, or from my downloads page.

We also did our normal Color Theme activities.  I showed him the color card flashcards and read him some of our color themed books.

He particularly likes this foam puzzle from the dollar section at Staples. He pushes all the crayons out and I tell him the name of each color as I put it back in for him.

 I had completely forgotten about our Leap Frog maracas.  I got them at a garage sale last summer, and recently found them in one of our toy bins.  The one maraca lights up in different colors and says the color name in both English and Spanish.  Xander got a big kick out of them and played with them almost every day.

I show him these foam cards like flash cards, but he also likes to play with them.  In this photo, he was picking up a card from the stack in front of him, and whipping it behind him as far as he could.

More mitten matching!  He still likes to play often and is getting better!  Exceeding any expectation I had for him.

Because we are doing color themes, one of Xander's trays has been replaced by the bin of colored objects.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of him with this week's puzzle.  It was a little tough for him anyway since there were no pegs on the pieces.

One of the trays this week had his button snake.  Eventually I will do an entire post on it, but for now, I just set it up with the pink pieces.  He needs a lot of assistance with it, but is very interested in the activity.

Another tray had his pound a peg (there is a similar one here).

This weekend I wanted to mop my floor.  However, Xander discovered the mop and refused to let it go!  He insisted on doing it for me.  Eventually, I had to pry it out of his hands, to many tears, so that I could get the job done.

For as long as he has been able to turn his head, this kid has been OBSESSED with vacuums.  He was trying to vacuum for me.  When I actually took the vacuum from him, he followed me around as I cleaned the carpets on the entire floor.  Let's home he is still interested when he is actually strong enough to do it for me!

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