Monday, January 2, 2012

Tot School - 13.5 Months

Between Christmas, being home on vacation, my mom and brother being on vacation, and having a good friend in town, I decided that a normal tot school week probably wasn't going to happen last week.  Instead of moving on to a new color in our color themes, I just mixed together the red and the green.  It ended up being really nice having two.  We were able compare objects and colors.  I will likely do mixed weeks again in the future.

Here is the basket that we used instead of one of his tot trays.  Mostly the same things I described in our red and green weeks.  Once again, this bin got a ton of use!  Xander is currently really interested in putting things in other things.  He constantly put various items in those cups and stacking bowls, then shook them out.  I also got out the English and Spanish color books I made (you can find them on my downloads page), I just didn't get any pictures of it this week.

We were able to pick up some these color books at the library.  Xander loves the Green book, particularly the caterpillar page.  The Happy Baby Colors from our collection is still a favorite.


We also had to expand the little bin I had with our color theme supplies.  We still have the Leap Frog Car Wash, the color books, English and Spanish color flash cards (available on the downloads page), and play dough (click here for our post and recipe).  We added some books, a foam color puzzle from the dollar section at Staples, and a multicolored ball.  We also got a great deal on a Crayola Dry Erase Center, which we have been using with the appropriately colored Expo Markers.  Xander particularly likes erasing.  We also added a mitten matching game (post here).

One of Xander's trays has a small container and some mini colored popsicle sticks to put in.  He thoroughly enjoyed this activity.  In fact, he would frequently go over and pull down the whole tray himself.  This is how I found him one day.

Unfortunately, he really enjoyed tasting the sticks.

Our puzzle of the week.  He can't put the pieces in, but often tries with the correct one.

One of our good friends got him these Melissa and Doug Nesting Blocks for Christmas.  He loves them, particularly knocking them over.  We still need to work on the stacking part.

When we went to the library, I showed Xander how to put the books in the return slot.  He mastered the skill quickly and was upset when we were out of books to return.  For some reason it reminds me just how big my baby is getting.

Tot School


  1. I really like how your blog posts are organized. My daughter is just about the same age as your son. I'm going to be following this blog for ideas as we are just starting out with Tot School.


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