Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flour vs Play Dough

Pretty much since the beginning of our Color Themes, I have been filling balloons with flour for Xander to play with.  He has always loved squishing them and using them like balls.  However, I kept seeing balloons filled with play dough on Pinterest.  I finally decided to give it a shot to see what we though.

First of all, let me say that filling a balloon with flour and a funnel is much easier than trying to stuff one with play dough.  I finally ended up succeeding by taking small bits of play dough and rolling them into little tubes.  I then fed the tubes into the balloon.  It took a while and I got a ton of play dough under my fingers, but it was eventually stuffed.  

I was hoping for a clear winner, but didn't really get one. I would say the play dough filled balloon is a little bit more enjoyable.  Both are fun to squish and squeeze.  The play dough filled balloon holds the shape you make it a little bit better.  The flour filled one looks marginally nicer.  Regardless, Xander enjoys playing with them both so I will probably continue to make some of each in the future.

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