Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Games for Brains: Lost Cities

Playing Time: 30-60 minutes (short and long version)
Players: 2-4
There are two version of this game, the card game and the board game.  I've played both, and while I like them both, the board game is one of our all time favorites.  The game involves moving little explorers along various paths and collecting points and artifacts.  Players have to play cards in order to move their explorers and cards must be played in order from smallest to largest in each color. You can discard a card to try to get better ones, but another player can choose to pick up the discarded cards.  The game can be played in one round (short version) or three rounds (long version), which adds some nice flexibility. 

Brain Value:
This game involves some quite a bit of strategy.  Since cards must be played in order from smallest to largest, players have to decide whether they have enough cards and low enough cards to play a particular color.  There are also a finite number of each card, so it involves judging how likely other players are to have the cards you need.  Players also have to decide how likely it is that their opponents may benefit from discarded cards.  It is a balance between wanting to play cards to advance while also making sure you have enough moves in each color later in the game.

Xander is getting better at judging when to certain cards and how to maximize his points.  

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