Monday, April 15, 2019

Baby Sensory Play: Window Paint Bag

I've been having a tough time with sensory play with Archer, just because the kid eats EVERYTHING. It's hard to plan things that won't end up in his mouth.  One of the few ideas that works with him is this window paint bag (now I am definitely not the first to do this, I'm sure Pinterest has tons of other moms who have done it). 
I squirted some washable finger paints into a freezer bag, duct taped the top shut and then taped it to the sliding glass door.  You could easily tape it to a table or high chair tray, but that would just make Archer mad he wasn't getting fed. The paint ends up being a little squishy and feels fun to move around.  Xander got a kick out of the bag when Archer was done.
Inevitably, he switched from squishing the paint and the colors, to trying to peel the tape off the window.  I guess that's still fine motor work, right? 
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