Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Baby Easter Activities

It makes me so happy that Archer is finally getting to the age where I can start themed activities.  Granted, they're still pretty limited, but it is still an exciting milestone for me. We ended up doing just a couple simple ones for Easter.
First, I stuck some decorative eggs on sticks into a cheese container.  Both were from the dollar store, so very cheap and easy!
Archer was very interested in taking them out (and trying so hard to eat them).  However, he is not quite ready to put them back in.  That will be something to work towards as his fine motor skills improve.

Next I got out some eggs and put some large jingle bells in them.  He had fun shaking them to hear the sound.
He also had great fun putting them in and out of his chai container (I swear, that is one of his favorite toys).
Eventually, he figured out he could open them to get the bells out.  After that, I put some Toob animals in them for him to practice getting out.
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